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Thread: When to fit in a pumping session?

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    Default When to fit in a pumping session?

    My husband and I would like to start being able to bottle feed breast milk to our 5 week old daughter when we're out in public. Right now she is eating every 3 hours (most of the time!)... so I'm not sure when I should be pumping? I'm scared that if I pump between the feedings - I'll end up making to much milk. I'm a SAHM to I thought that if I built up a little supply of frozen milk - it's make some of our outtings go easier. Any advice?

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    Default Re: When to fit in a pumping session?

    Well, you are right that pumping in addition to nursing can stimulate more milk production. Do you have a problem with oversupply?
    I would try pumping after a morning feed anyway. Adding in one extra pumping session every couple of days to build up some ebm should be okay. I suggest pumping in the morning because that's when most moms have more milk available in their breasts.


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    Default Re: When to fit in a pumping session?

    Is your baby sleeping for a longer stretch at night yet? My son is now 14 weeks old but what works for me is to pump before I go to bed. He sleeps at 8 or 9pm so I pump around 11:30ish. He usually isn't up for his next feeding until about 2-3am so that gives me time. This is my window to build up a stash. I'm going back to work soon so it is important to me to have a couple days supply to start out when I return t owork.

    Prior to his longer sleeps, I went through a week when I pumped after each feeding to build up a stash. I wanted to have some in the fridge for nights out and a good stash for a night out if needed. If you end up getting too much, your breast will adjust and stop producing if you stop pumping. It's all about the supply and demand. I didn't have any issues with over producing.

    Good luck to you and hope this helps.

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    Default Re: When to fit in a pumping session?

    When my dd was younger I never felt comfortable nursing in public. I would simply nurse her and then pump immediately after nursing, right before we left to go somewhere . That way, the milk was fresh and didn't need to be refrigerated or heated up.
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