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Thread: variations in feedings

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    Default variations in feedings

    is it normal that my little girl seems to vary in the amount that she eats? all week she ate for almost 45 minutes at each feeding and was wanting to eat every two hours. starting yesterday afternoon she starting sleeping almost constantly and i had to wake her up to feed her every 3 hours (per doc's orders to help with jaundice...he wants her to eat every 3 hours at least). she also been nursing for only 20 minutes...10 on each breast...and i have to coax her to stay on that long. i am worried she isn't getting enough to eat. or that i am not producing enough milk because i did start pumping two days ago after each feeding to build up a store of breasmilk. thanks!

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    Do you eat the same amount at the same time everyday? No, babies don't either. As long as you're feeding on demand and making sure she's eating every 3hrs at least, and she has enough wet and dirty diapers, try not to worry about it. She will take less and less time to nurse as she gets better at it and as your milk supply increases, mine rarely went beyond 20min at that age, although often I had to coax them to nurse at least past 10min because they were so sleepy.

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    I noticed that you said bb was nursing 10 minutes on each side. I am wondering if you are switching baby because you were told to feed off both breasts each feeding? Just curious.
    LLL suggests finishing one breast totally before offering second one, that way baby gets the fattier hind milk that is available at the end of a feed.

    Also about the increased sleeping... can you tell us more about your babies weight, and how many wet/dirty diapers you see in 24 hours? How much are you pumping and saving? How old is your baby?
    What makes you feel like you aren't getting enough milk into baby?

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    Length of feedings doesn't matter too much. Usually babies get more efficient as they get older and their feedings get shorter. But as pp said, make sure you are letting her completely finish the first breast first before offering the second. During those 10 minutes do you hear her swallowing a lot?

    If you have started pumping I would guess that your supply is even more than before, so perhaps your baby is getting enough in a shorter period of time?

    She should be having 6-8 wet diapers per day, and poopies can really vary but at least one a day is good.

    Watch diaper output and make sure baby is happy and you shouldn't worry too much beyond that. You are discovering that babies keep us constantly on our toes! Once you think you have something figured out, they go and change it! Welcome to parenthood and congrats!

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    Hi there!

    Congratulations on your new baby! At 8 days of age, she should be eating AT LEAST 8-12 times per 24 hours, many babies nurse more. She should be having at least 5-6 wet disposable (6-8 cloth) and 2-3 dirty diapers size of a US quarter or larger. The bowel movements are especially important in determining if baby is getting enough food--they tell us if baby is getting enough hindmilk.

    Because your baby has jaundice, it's also important to make sure there are plenty of bowel movements because bilirubin (the substance that causes jaundice) is excreted through the bowel movements, and to make sure that there are plenty of wet diapers because dehydration makes jaundice worse.

    How has your baby's diaper output been?

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