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Thread: Lopsided Breasts?

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    I am a first time mother of an eleven-day-old. We have been doing a combo of nursing and pumping. I have notice my right breast when full is literally twice the size of my left. Am I causing this by over-pumping/nursing that side. Naturally I started pumping more on that side because I felt more needed to come out. I kinda feel like a freak. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Many of us deal with this issue at one point or another. If your breasts don't receive the same amount of stimulation, one will be bigger than the other. The good news is that they will even out eventually. If your baby takes both breasts at each session, make sure you alternate which side you start on, since they tend to suck more vigorously at the beginning of a feed. Hope this helps!

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    This resource might be helpful:

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