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Thread: canned fruits and veggies?

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    Default canned fruits and veggies?

    is it safe to feed my lo food from a can? for example, warm up a can of peas (no salt added) and then mash in the food processor?

    i'd like to prepare fresh foods as much as possible, but i have a feeling i won't always have time...

    is there any significant difference between canned adult foods and pre-processed baby foods?

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    Default Re: canned fruits and veggies?

    if your eating it I say go for it...
    SOmetimes you cann't get fresh foods.
    Frozen is just a little bit beter then canned.

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    Default Re: canned fruits and veggies?

    Jars are better than metal cans. I've heard of the plastic on the insides of cans leaking something or other into the food. Don't want to be a scaremonger or anything, but if you can switch your family to frozen, its the closest thing to fresh stuff.

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    Default Re: canned fruits and veggies?

    Canned fruits tend to be high in sugar. If its off season I buy frozen. I then steam the fruits or veg, puree them and pour them in ice cube trays with some press and seal freezer wrap on top. Once frozen I pop them out and keep them in zip-loc freezer bags. This way when I have time I make a bunch and I just have to thaw them and serve. I also use some of those baby food cube storage containers and freeze them in there, that way if I'm going out I just grab some cubes and go. It may take a bit of work when you do it but then usually I'm good for a month or two. Once she decides she wants non puree I can always make smoothies from the fruit or put them in my yogart or make soup from my veggie purees.

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