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Thread: When to worry?

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    Red face When to worry?

    My 7 week old son has not pooped in 3 days. He has streaked a little, but not like he was doing. He seems to be uncomfortable just when he is working up a fart and gets really red faced like he is trying to push something out, but then no poo comes. Have any of you experienced this and should I be worried? Is it possible for infants to get constipated? He is still eating like normal and pees are the same, so not sure why he's not pooing. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Wondering if I should worry too much or not?

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    Don't worry. It's really hard for them to get used to the whole pooping thing at first. My lo went 3 days once so we called the doc and the nurse said, "oh no, honey that's nothing to worry about. We won't even see them unless they've gone at least 7 days without pooping." After that we didn't worry. Nora regularly went 3-4 days without a poo, but when she did finally go, man oh man she'd explode right out of her diaper, so watch out!!!

    My aunt whose a nurse recomended taking a rectal temperature- she says that'll make em poo every time, but we never tried it so I don't know if it works or not.
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    My lo is going through a similar thing, but her straining is BAD. Luckily she only does it once a day (about 5 am). She turns red, and grunts and even cries while she tries to push. This could go on for almost 45 minutes!!!! It's heartbreaking to watch. Her doctor knows about this. She wants me to give an enema once every night. I am not doing it b/c I am not sure it helps. She still seems to struggle on the nights I have given one or even if she has miraculousy gone on her own before bedtime.
    I have heard some negative things about giving enemas or rectal stimulation (with a thermometer) - disrupts their ability to develop muscles in their bottoms????
    This morning when she started the straining I decided to put her in her car seat. She continued to strain but it didn't seem as painful. Apparently, it's hard to poop laying down. I don't know - I've never tried - lol.
    But isn't this weird??? She only has this straining episode at around 5 am every morning now for about 2 weeks.

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