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Thread: Perfect food at 15+ months?

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    Default Perfect food at 15+ months?

    We all say that our breast milk is the perfect food, but at 15 months is it really? I am still nursing my 15 mo atm and trying my hardest to give him solids during they day he just wont take them!! hence why I am unable to wean cause I feel atm thats all the noushiment he gets. I give him sasauge and pancakes stick every morning cause that was what he liked but not so much anymore, gave him whole scrabbled eggs but he eats maybe half of two eggs if I'm lucky, I guess I'm wooryed about Iron, since that is what I heard is laking in most diets his age. My DO still nurses almost like a newborn, I give it to him when ever he wants, OMG I'm going on and on..I think Iv'e read as much as I can with toddlers, but am so unsure, I guess more than any thing can I be confident in the fact that my DO still breastfeeds than taking in solids?

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    Default Re: Perfect food at 15+ months?

    No, cheerios is the perfect food for a 15 month old.
    Breastmilk is the perfect beverage.

    They really don't eat much at that age. And when it's not human milk, it seems like they want yogurt or cheese. But I remember my dd loving cheerios because she was working on fine motor at the time and cheerios were fun. There were a few other fun snacks, but she didn't eat more than I think 1/4 cup of anything at any time and she nursed all the time. At 18 months I stopped her from breastfeeding at meal times and she had to wait until MY plate was clear before she could nurse. But she STILL wasn't eating TOO much. Now at three years old, if we actually go out to eat, I am finally ordering for her off of children's menus, (or an appetizer) instead of assuming that she'll just taste things on my plate.

    The things I felt the need to do with dd was limit cow milk (and cheese, yogurt, etc.) and make sure that everything she DID eat had some iron in it.

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    Default Re: Perfect food at 15+ months?

    my 15 month old son is weaned off of BM and is now showing no interest in solilds also. he used to gobble everything up until now and I can't figure out why. he's drinking cow's milk and i try to limit that but he won't eat anything but a couple of spoonsful even if i don't give him milk. i've tried giving him a variety of food but nothing works. how does he have the energy to be sooo active when he hardly eat anything?!!!

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    Default Re: Perfect food at 15+ months?

    Hi I have a fifteen month old and he also eats only bits of solids during the day, but has many feeds. Don't know if you've read it, or have time to read, but My Child Won't Eat by Dr. Carlos González is very reassuring. There is also an article on the LLL website, http://www.llli.org/NB/NBSepOct05p206.html, where Dr. Gonzalez addresses this eating and iron issue and states 'that iron is the only nutrient that human milk can be deficient in, but he also mentioned that if baby is rejecting solids, he probably already has enough iron'.

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