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Thread: not eating much after "shots"

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    Default not eating much after "shots"

    hey my baby girl had her 2 month immunization shots this morning and she is only nursing for very short periods (3-5 minutes). Is this normal and has anyone else experienced this? that's all she wants to do is sleep and be held. she also is getting tylenol every 4 hrs.

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    Default Re: not eating much after "shots"

    very normal. she will probably be back to her old self tomorrow or tomorrow night.

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    Default Re: not eating much after "shots"

    Abby just had her shots last Monday. That evening, and the next day after that I gave her a lot of extra love and attention. I was fortunate enough that she didn't get a fever but she definitley needed me a lot more. I held her as often as I could, and it seemed like I couldn't put her down or she would scream her little head off. She wanted to nurse almost non-stop. A few days later she was back to normal.

    The constant nursing is probably more for comfort.

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    Default Re: not eating much after "shots"

    Eek I'm so scared! Logan has his 2 month vaccinations on Monday. It's been in the back of my mind all week already and he hasn't even had them yet. I bet he will be wild though for a few days after.

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    Default Re: not eating much after "shots"

    If you are concerned, ask them to only give 1 or 2 vaccs. I NEVER gave more than 2 vaccs to my LO..Most drs. give 4 vaccs every 2 months. Personally, I think this is too much for an adult, let alone a baby.
    I also make sure to give vaccs in the AM, when LO's immune system is stongest and I give vitamins before visit....
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