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Thread: crying at latch on

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    Default crying at latch on

    My 2 week old daughter sometimes cries, weakly (and cute, really), at the time she latches on. She will suckle, cry a little, suckle, cry, suckle... then she is happy as a lamb for 20 minutes or so. Does this happen for anyone else?

    Thanks for the help with proper latch- I am still a bit sore but making progress.

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    Default Re: crying at latch on

    As long as it's not affecting how she's nursing, I think it's probably okay. Just be sure to offer to nurse before she gets to the point of crying. Remember that crying is a late hunger cue!

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    Default Re: crying at latch on

    My LO still cry in that way, just like you described above, as if saying, wat made u take so long, no matter how often I nurse him, (at 9 month i still nurse him every 1-2), i think its his way of expressing happniss and anxiousness..

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