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Thread: Nervous Nelly about Solids

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    Default Nervous Nelly about Solids

    So I am teary-eyed and have a knot in my stomach every time I think about introducing solids...my LO is just under 5 mos so I have time yet. But I am just a nervous wreck at the thought.

    I want to do baby-led solids, but am concerned about exactly how you prepare the avocado or banana or whatever. Do you just mash it up with a fork? What kind of consistency?

    Basically, I don't think I am a "natural" at being a mom and wish I had someone here to show me how to do things...Once I've seen it I am fine, but I am not good at trying new things with the baby. For example, my LO was about 6 weeks old before I was willing to drive him anywhere by myself.

    I guess I will ask at the next LLL meeting and see if anyone there did BLS and is willing to "train" me!

    OK, I think I feel better...
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    Default Re: Nervous Nelly about Solids

    I found this article really informative:


    Good luck! I was worried about starting solids, too, but it's been a lot of fun for us and her.
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    Default Re: Nervous Nelly about Solids

    Starting solids is a big step and its ok to be nervous!

    For lots of great ideas about how to do baby led solids, I recommend searching this forum for:
    "baby led weaning"
    "baby led solids"

    and also checking out this great blog written by parents who did baby led solids with their children

    For me the beauty of baby led solids is that there really isn't much to do to prepare. Some good first foods are:
    avocado (soft, cut into pieces or mashed)
    banana (overripe soft, split into thirds the long way - it will split this way naturally)
    sweet potato (bake or microwave until soft, scoop from the skin)

    Don't be discouraged if it takes your LO to get the hang of eating. We offered my DS solids soon after he turned 6 mo. He did great at getting the food into his mouth and swallowed some but then gagged and promptly spit up the avocado and all of his last breastfeeding. My DS had little tastes of food but didn't really start eating until he was about 8 or 8.5 mo old. You also may need to be patient and experiment - all the baby books say that LO like banana but my DS hated it.

    I do recommend that you take an infant CPR class to learn what to do in case your LO chokes.

    Feel free to ask lots of questions - thats what the forums are for!

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    Default Re: Nervous Nelly about Solids

    I hear you! I am just starting DD with solids, and I'm obsessed! I am so concerned about what and when and how much. But then when she eats and smiles, it makes it all worthwhile.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling that you need instructions. No one teaches us this stuff growing up. My suggestion would be to go to a big bookstore or health food store and peruse the baby food books. Find one that gives you step-by-step instructions and a schedule of sorts, and stick with that one book. I love this one, but another might work better for you.

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