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Thread: sterilising equipment

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    Just wondering how old my lo has to be before I can stop sterilising the things that go in his mouth. We're thinking about introducing solids in the next month (he has 2 teeth already!! and shows great interest when we're eating) and I'm wondering if I have to sterilise his spoon, bowl etc. Also, how concerned should I be as everything he grabs now goes straight in to his mouth - lots of things are not exactly dirty but not germ free either. Any much advice appreciated
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    I have never sterilized anything except the sippy cup and only if I'm putting BM in it. Dishes and utensils get sterilized in the dishwasher anyway, but I would trust myself hand-washing in the sink too. As long as you are generally clean in the kitchen and wash produce thoroughly (and meat if you have that) then you're good to go!

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