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Thread: pumping and milk suppy

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    Question pumping and milk suppy

    Someone may have asked this before -- But,
    I am returning to work in about three weeks. DS will be 13 weeks old. I have a very flexible work schedule and will only work part time. But my job entails being with clients - sometimes all day - making pumping on those days not possible. I am pumping now so that I can have a good freezer stash for him.

    My question is this -- On the days that I can not pump at all from 8 to 5, will I lose my milk supply? Is there a way to avoid this? Please help DS has reflux so I really, really do not want to lose my milk and have to go to formula. I am very afraid of what will happen to his not relatively controlled reflux.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: pumping and milk suppy

    Do you have a lunch break away from the clients? If so maybe you can pump then - even if you have to dump it down the drain it will help some. I do not get suck in that situation too often but once every 2 weeks or so and what I do is when I am in the bathroom I hand express as much as fast as I can into tolite paper. It is a waste of milk but it keeps my supply going and relieves pain and leaking.

    Maybe others will have better ideas. Good Luck!
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    Default Re: pumping and milk suppy

    If you will be away from baby and not pumping every day, five days a week, then you'll probably see a supply drop during that time. however, if it's just one day here and there, then your supply should be fine, as long as you can pump/nurse as soon as possible. You might find that you're feeling very full, or even leaking, since you're not emptying your breasts.
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