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Thread: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

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    Default Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

    Mathilde, this sounds terribly stressful -- I'm so sorry you and your baby are going through this difficult time.

    It sounds to me like more than nipple preference is going on -- I would call it a nursing strike, I think. The baby needs time and help to learn again to have a positive association with the breast.

    I think Sarah's idea of warm baths with your husband right there to help you is a very good idea. You can also wear the baby skin-to-skin right inside your shirt all day, and sleep that way at night -- baby in a diaper, snuggled up between your breasts, or on the bed next to you, cuddled under your arm.

    The skin-to-skin contact will release a lot of the right hormones in both you and baby, and should help with your milk supply even if he is not nursing at all. If attempts to breastfeed are upsetting and stressful for both of you, then spend a few days exclusively pumping, and give him his bottles while you hold him skin-to-skin near your breasts. You can keep him fed and soothed, keep your supply up with pumping, and focus the rest of your energy on your own rest and nutrition and emotional care.

    Then when it feels right, just casually offer the breast, as a learning opportunity, with no particular goal or deadline. Many babies come out of similar nursing strikes, either suddenly or gradually, so don't give up hope!

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


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    Default Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

    First let me just say good for you for trying so hard to make nursing work for your baby. Your situation sounds so frustrating, and it must be very difficult for you. Even if things do not go as you would like them to, you are a wonderful mother!

    SNS stands for Supplemental Nursing System. The supplement (ebf or formula) goes into a plastic bag, then a tube runs from the bag to your nipple. When the baby latches on a sucks, milk comes from the tube instead of or in addition to out of your nipple. You would likely need assistance from an LLLeader or LC to learn to use it.

    I had some other thoughts on coaxing baby to take the breast. Try offering the breast when she is NOT hungry or just a little hungry--either after a bottle feeding or in between feedings. She may be more likely to take the breast when she doesn't need instant food. Many babies are also more likely to take the breast when they are sleepy (or even sleeping). Try putting her to the breast right as she's waking from sleep (before she's fully awake). In order to do this you would need to be near her while she's sleeping to that you can quickly try to nurse as soon as she starts to stir. Or, try actually waking her a little before she would normally wake for a feeding and put her directly to the breast. You could also try changing your bottle feeding to cup feedings. Rather than giving her supplements from a bottle, your husband could do these with a cup (they do make special feeding cups for infants). She may then be more inclined to take the breast to fulfill her sucking needs.

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    Smile Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!


    Hi!!! Thank you for all your help!!! SHE'S BACK!!!!

    Matylde I'm in the same situation as you...
    Using neeple shield, finishing the feeding with a bottle, and because "I didn't have enough milk" I was pumping and then, what I said happened...

    I was using a technique for a week and now, happended right now, she is back!, eating from mami, not crying...

    Give your baby the bottle right next to your breast. In the same position as he'd be breastfeeding...
    In the beggining I didn't push her to take my breast, then, ones she took it by herself, but didn't last so much... then, I was using a special feeder from Medela "Heberman", that has a filter and you can regulate the speed of the bottle... It's pretty easy to use...(I think this also helped, because it's more difficult than a regular bottle)...
    Today I said she's taking time by time my breast, I need to push her now... and worked... I was really about to give up... then I said wait a minute I tried so hard, no way...
    Also I was doing skin-to-skin, also I think it helped!
    I think all of this, really helped us to be more close to each other, look it this way... Babies need more warmness than us, they are babies!
    Also, you're saying that you pump for an hour, isnt too much? What I heard is that at leats 6 times a day for 10 or 15 min. and better if it's 8 times.
    I begun to relax a little bit when I thougt that's it, and I've just begun to enjoy my baby! Love is essencial...

    GOOD LUCK!!!


    P.d: Which supplemental feeder SARAH are you talking about. Also how safe are the herbal tees or the finugreek? And what is a sippy?


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    Default Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

    Sheila, what wonderful news! Thank you for sharing that happy report; I'm sure many mothers will find a lot of hope in your words. Best wishes for a long and happy nursing relationship with your little one.


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    Default Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

    YEAH! So happy to hear that she is back to the breast!

    The feeder I was talking about is the SNS, but you may not need that! If you are still suplementing with formula, you could pick up the SNS ($35 I think online) and then stop the bottles, only using the SNS. You would more than likely need some assistance with it, I have never used one, let alone seen one. But I do know that they work! I will be helping my cousin use one (hopefully!) when she adopts her next baby! She really wants to try breastfeeding!

    So happy for you!


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