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Thread: Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

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    Default Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    I knew we were going to have an interesting time with solids, when at 4 or 5 months my son started grabbing food off of my plate. I held out until 6 months to start feeding him solids, and started slowly with bananas and avacados. Okay, so he loved those. I started adding more foods, plus oatmeal and he has loved everything I've given him. The ped said that he could eat up to 3 meals a day, and I was trying to make sure he was still *mostly* nursing, and then it happened - the nursing strike. He is refusing breastmilk (both from boob and bottle) and my supply is dwindling very quickly. I can't pump worth anything - literally - I get next to nothing (besides very sore nipples) after 10-15 minutes and I've always been that way. I know it doesn't indiciate my supply but it isn't heping me keep my supply UP either. So I cut out the solids cold turkey, and am forcing him to nurse, plus hand expressing between. I am also taking More Milk Plus. Please, please, someone tell me there is something else I can do. And even if I do get my supply back up, how do I continue to nurse a kid who just wants to eat grown-up food. How much breastfeeding can I safely cut out of his diet? I am so frustrated. My plan is to nurse to at least a year, though I'd be happy to go longer. Help!

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    Wink Re: Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    Hi, let me first say that it is great that your lo is interested in food. I would encourage it as much as possible. I made a mistake. As a FTM I was nervous about letting my LO eat at 4 months even though he was showing interest. At 6 months I was ready to start giving him solids and he refused. He did not start eating til he was 11 months and just a little bit of nibbling here and there. He mostly nurses. I thought I would be done with nursing by 8 months and here I am going on 14 months of mostly nursing. I have been tempted to start weaning for him, but usually I go with the self directed eating and nursing on demand.and forget the weaning for now. I've been told by many that babies know what they need. I don't mean to imply that he does not need breast milk or formula but maybe if you keep it ready in a bottle or sippy cup he will eventually take it. Also make sure he does not have a reflux problem. I know my son has a slight reflux problem and although he never stopped eating because of it, I have heard that it can cause some babies to stop nursing and refuse the breast.

    Good luck...

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    Default Re: Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    I feel so bad for you...I hope LO doesn't quit taking the boob...He loves solids too...I am not quite how much to feed him in one feeding, but I cut him off after about 1/2 to sometimes 1 cup of solids 2 x a day...He loves eveything...I am still pumping a whole lot though...sorry that you can't do that...I wish there was something I could tell you...
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    Question Re: Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    I am in the same boat! Have you found out anything great?
    My supply has seemed to disappear overnight! I am searching for the answer on how much milk he will need. I will let you know if I find out anything. I can barely get him to take milk out of the bottle/sippy cup now. He seems to be happy with just solids but I know that milk is the most important thing for him. I am going to try and serve smaller meals of solids to him.
    This is the second big nursing strike he has gone through. They are so frusturating! I have found that if I get to him immeditely once he wakes up from a nap, he most likely will nurse. Sometimes, I have to coax him into with his pacifier and keep trading it out for me, which sometimes works.
    Let me know if you come up with anything!

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    Default Re: Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    How are things today?

    Here's some helpful info on nursing strikes:

    And here's some info on the nutritional needs of infants:

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