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Thread: Milk storage - mixing milk before freezing

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    Default Milk storage - mixing milk before freezing

    Hi, I've started to express and want to know if I can mix milk which I have expressed on two separate days and freeze in the same bag/container. If so, I assume I have to put the date of the milk which I expressed on the first day. Bit confused over the whole storage issue. Once the milk is thawed can I then add freshly expressed milk to this before feeding to the baby?

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    Default Re: Milk storage - mixing milk before freezing

    I've done everything that you've contemplated (i.e. mixing before and afterwards). I never had a problem with spoiled milk or my son not taking previously frozen milk. As long as you are following the correct guidelines for freezing and thawing milk (i.e. proper containers, time until feezing, time spent frozen) then I don't see a problem with it.
    good luck.


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    Default Re: Milk storage - mixing milk before freezing

    You can add cooled milk to currently frozen milk. Mark it with the date of the oldest milk.

    If you fresh milk, my best suggestion is to feed that first, then thaw the amount you need to make up that feeding.

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