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Thread: getting to the hindmilk

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    Default getting to the hindmilk

    I've heard that 'generally' mothers are encouraged to feed on one breast for 10-15, then the next.
    I want to be sure that my son is getting the hindmilk--but because I can't actually see when it changes to the white milky stuff, I'm not sure when he starts getting the good stuff.
    He has been really gassy lately, which I've heard is a sign of babies getting only the foremilk--causing gas bubbles in their stomach.

    Should I move to the other breast when one becomes loose/limp even though some white milk is still coming out?

    How do I know when one side has been depleted?

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    Default Re: getting to the hindmilk

    here is a link from the kellymom website that talks about foremilk/hindmilk

    It is a really helpful article and I think it will help you figure things out about getting more hindmilk.

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    Default Re: getting to the hindmilk

    That's a good link.

    The best thing you can do is let your baby "finish the first breast first". Don't switch at an arbitrary time (10-15 min per side, for example). Instead, switch when he lets go or contentedly falls asleep. Burp and offer the other side. If he takes it, great! If he doesn't, then he's had enough.

    Note: The above information is for healthy, full-term babies who are nursing well. Sleeping at the breast in a baby who is not gaining well (or at risk for not sleeping well) could be a sign of poor milk transfer.

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