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Thread: Force feeding?? don't know what to do

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    Question Force feeding?? don't know what to do

    My son is 13 months old. He did not start eating solids until he got his bottom two teeth at 11months. He is currently nursing 4 to 6 x's a day and drinking milk, however I cannot get him to eat food. He has never liked baby food so I give him table food. Sometimes he eats fruit, sometimes pasta, sometimes crackers but not a consistent basis. Everyday is frustrating trying to figure out what will he eat today. My Mom has said I just need to make him eat because he does not know what he likes. (example oatmeal) I agree that he does not know what he likes but I have tried to force him to eat and it does not make either of us happy. I don't want food to be a power struggle later on. My son is a high needs strong willed child. Any suggestions? Has anyone else force fed?

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    Default Re: Force feeding?? don't know what to do

    My daughter is also a strong-willed child who won't take food off a spoon, and never would. We have fed her table food since about 10 months, and she likes it. She doesn't like baby food- and I know I don't! At nearly 17 months, we give her table food and let her eat what she wants. Some days that means she eats nothing but pasta, other days she eats only meatballs, or salmon, or broccoli, or cherries, and yesterday it was tomatoes and chicken and couscous, so a balanced meal for once!

    I wish she would eat a balanced diet on a meal-to-meal basis, but I read that you don't have to worry as long as the baby's diet is balanced on a weekly basis. I don't want to get into force-feeding my daughter because I want her to think of mealtimes as a pleasure, not a battle. I think if I tried force-feeding she would start to scream the moment I put her in the highchair. In short, I would advise nodding and smiling when your mom suggests force-feeding, shelve your worries, and just let your strong-willed child explore food on his own!

    Oh- and one more thing- breastmilk is sufficient food for a baby up to the age of one year, according to my pediatrician. Until that time, food is only for experimentation, and is not necessary for nutrition. So, if your son isn't that into solids at only 13 months, it doesn't seem like cause for worry. The bulk of his nutritional needs are still being met by you.
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    Red face Re: Force feeding?? don't know what to do

    Thanks for the advise. I will continue to try a variety of foods. That is great that your daughter is eating a more balanced meal. I will be so excited when we get there. Today is a cracker only day...

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    Default Re: Force feeding?? don't know what to do

    Dont force feed him. It will become an issue if you do. I agree with the PP in that you can just offer him a variety of things every day and, if allowed, he'll eat what he needs over the course of a week. If hes allowed to nurse on demand, he's getting all he needs there for a little while longer. What may seem like a small amount of solids now will grow into an arrary of nice foods, again, if allowed the freedom to choose.
    Dr Sears website has some nice info regarding toddler nutrition, as does Kellymom.com and the LLL pages do too
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    Default Re: Force feeding?? don't know what to do

    Sitting at the table with us (at his high chair without the tray) while we are eating helped us with my 12.5 month old. I also play some games with him like he feeds me finger foods: one for him one for me which helps a bit too. Also when we give him the spoon (with the purees since he gags with mixed textured foods) with a little bit of help from us he eats more than usual.

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