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Thread: Leaving my LO for a week.

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    Default Leaving my LO for a week.

    Hi there. I will have to go away for a week for training and unfortunately I cannot take my dd with me. We introduced her to solids about 1 month ago. There are days where she will eat a lot and others when she just wants bm. I will be leaving her with my in-laws. I have no idea how to go about it. Will she survive on just solids for a week? Should they feed her formula too? (She's never had formula) She still wakes at night for a feed. I do not wish to wean yet. Will I loose my milk if I stop for a week? Any advice will be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Leaving my LO for a week.

    I feel your agony. Looking forward to the answers. I need to leave my LO for a weekend in Aug.

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    Are you planning to pump while away from your LO?

    That will help with keeping up your supply - basically you pump as often as your LO would normally nurse.
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    Default Re: Leaving my LO for a week.

    If you don't pump while you are away you will probably lose your supply not to mention the fact that you will be in pain due to engorgement.
    Your baby cannot survive on solids for a week, she will need at least 24 oz of BM or formula per day until she is 1 year old.

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    Can you pump and leave BM in bottles? That will be much better for LO than formula. Also, her digestive system could have lots of trouble if you just switch to formula cold turkey.

    And as PP said, you are definitely going to have to pump while you are away or you risk losing supply, becoming engorged, and getting clogged ducts and/or mastitis.

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