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Thread: breast feeding ups and downs

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    Default breast feeding ups and downs

    i'm a little disheartened that breastfeeding doesn't just sail smoothly. one wrong move and things can go off course. heavy, tingly breasts, sore nipples, engorgement. i was enjoying breast feeding and thought i was doing well. but i had to do errands on friday and missed some feedings and ended up engorged. i fed right through the weekedn, this morning i was too tired, missed two feedings and now my left breast feels pre-engorged. sensitive and tingly i.e.
    i have enjoyed breast feeding and won't stop but it seems to be an ungrateful activity sometimes.

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    Default Re: breast feeding ups and downs

    That happens. I am home with my baby all day, but if I don't wake him every 2 hrs (he's almost 2 weeks) then I get engorged and I leak ever where.... There are down sides, but the good sides TOTALLY out weigh them!!!

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