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    My son is just a little over 2 weeks and am wondering how long should he be allowed to sleep between feedings? He's been waking up about every 3 hours for feedings but today he's slept now for 5 hours and am wondering if I should've woken him up. I was soooo tired and just slept through the 3 hour mark. I was also worried about decreasing my milk supply. Pls advise.

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    counting diapars is the way to tell if baby is getting the milk they need.

    what worked for me was to get out 6 diapars in the am. And if in the early eve baby haddn't used all of them we woud camp out and nurse a few extra times before bed.
    Expect babies sleep patterns to change over time.
    When they are in a growth spurt they will want to nurse more often, and cluster feed and thats normal.
    waknig baby is up to you... at night if I was already awake I would offer. I never set an alarm or anything like that.
    How is babies growth been? A baby that is growing well might not need to be bothered, now one that is having weight gain issuses might need to be feed more often at night. You can always talk to your doctor and see what he says about it.
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    ITA with andrea_ohio, babies will wake if they are really hungry. If I am woke, and its about time for a feeding, i will him. But I have sleep through some of his nght feedings. I don't think it will hurt your supply just remember that baby may want to cluster feed after that.... iwould rather have cluster feeds during the day than at night!!!!

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    I agree with the pp. The only thing I would say is as the baby gets a little older and sleeps that long during the day and not so much at night, you might try waking him during the day to get those feedings in and start helping him figure out days/nights. GL!

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