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Thread: Wishful thinking???

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    Default Wishful thinking???

    I read someplace that your body (when breastfeeding) retains up to 10 pounds of pregnancy weight (for what, I'm not sure).

    True, or is this a misconception?
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    I've heard the same, and while I don't have an answer for it I would imagine its to help with the milk production. This is just me guessing here but...you know how you are supposed to increase your caloric intake while breastfeeding? Well, I think that if its true, the body does this to kind of keep a "stock" of all the things it needs for your milk. I've read that even malnourished mothers can successfully breastfeed their babies because even if you aren't eating what your body requires it will take it from elsewhere. So I would think that the weight that is "kept" is like a backup. Just in case mom doesn't eat as well as she *should*

    did that make sense?

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    Default Re: Wishful thinking???

    Probably, as in most cases, depends on the person!
    Some people struggle to lose any weight, while others lose all their preg. weight and then some. So to me I would say it is a misconception, but I really have nothing to back it up, just my opinion!

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