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Thread: Painting and Breastfeeding???

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    Default Painting and Breastfeeding???

    Today I painted a few shelves. I had the room ventilated but the fumes were pretty strong. Is it okay to breastfeed or should I supplement and wait a day or two to return to breastfeeding. I'm very anxious about this and would appreciate any info! Thanks!

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    I think you are fine. The rules are much more relaxed once you have your baby on what you can do/eat/breath. Because the fumes didn't get into your bloodstream and therefore not into your milk you should be fine. As far as I know, it's not like when you were pregnant and baby breathes what you breath, BFing is based on what you eat. I THINK!
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    Hi, It depends on what paint you are using. If it is a solvent born paint or turpentine based paint then it can effect the taste of the milk to the baby just like it will effect the taste if you drink normal milk. So the baby may become agitated and not feed properly.
    Stay out of the area for a few hours. Have plenty of ventilation and if the paint is acrylic or water based then there is no problem.

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