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Thread: Frustration, pain, thrush

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    Default Frustration, pain, thrush

    I am so frustrated with breastfeeding. It barely quit hurting unbearably to nurse, when we got thrush. I am picking up the prescription tomorrow.
    Please remind me (nicely) why I nurse....it's hard to remember when we are both in pain, especially when he's in pain and fussy. My breasts have shooting pain, my nipples are on fire, he is fussy when eating, and I want to cry....besides all my other nursing frustrations.
    I want to do this and do what's best for baby, I just need a reminder why!! And maybe someone saying that the antibiotics work well?? I've heard thrush can be hard to get rid of and you can give it back and forth to each other...
    I have cut down on my sugar, am taking acidophilus and drinking more water, eating yogurt, get prescription tomorrow, what else can I do to help?

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    Default Re: Frustration, pain, thrush

    Thrush is SO hard. I had thrush a long time, starting when my LO was about 10 days old. BUT, we did get through it, and have been thrush-free for so long I even forget now what we went through unless I think about it specifically! Hard to believe- it used to be all consuming I would cry and cry. It DID end! Part of my thing was that I couldn't take Diflucan since it was so much $. When I did take it, I think that with everything else I was doing combined, got rid of it. I have a feeling it wouldn't have been so long otherwise. Here's hoping you get rid of this fast!

    Here is what I found the most helpful to me- the info on Dr. Jack Newman's site. Here is how to get there. PM me if you would like more help/support I will do what I can. I was supported by some wonderful women on here. I am now breastfeeding my toddler- hard to believe it was so painful.

    Since I am not very good at computers, I can't do that cool link thing...so here's what you do to get to that website...

    - Go to www.drjacknewman.com
    -on the left hand side go to "breastfeeding help"
    -there is a list of handouts, go to "sore nipples handouts"
    -then "treatment for sore nipples and sore breasts"
    -there are all sorts of treatments there for thrush

    there are also things on Fluconazole (diflucan, a treatment for thrush) and gentian violet, candida protocol, etc those all relate to thrush.
    I hope this helps. Let me know if you can't find the info. There is also lots of other info about these issues on Dr. Newman's site.

    I found the most helpful thing for me was to not stress, and to take a good quality acidophilus (refridgerated in store and at home). Daily, sometimes even more often. And I also gave DD some too. That and the GSE helped the most. I also found temporary relief from itching with vinegar on my breasts.

    What prescription are you getting? Diflucan, I hope. Some doctors don't know about the right doses to get the thrush...check out the site I gave you. Antibiotics aren't for thrush, they would actually make it worse...maybe you were just referring to the meds as such? Antibiotics would further kill off the good bacteria that is already out of balance for you to get thrush.

    Keep in mind that many women do some treatments and find relief from thrush. Some have had it longer, like me, but I personally know many who have gotten through this! Come here for support, we are here for you.

    Oh and to answer you wanting reminders of why you nurse- well I can think of why I do- the benefits to me and my baby especially health-wise, the bonding (thats huge for me), the convenience, the ability to calm her, etc. but I think the biggest is the bond that I have with her because of it, even with the rough start with the thrush. You can do this!
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    Default Re: Frustration, pain, thrush

    You nurse because it's best for baby and you can also benifit from it. You are connecting and bonding with your baby in a way that you will never be able to describe in words!!! You are doing it (maybe) because it's so much less expensive than buying formula!!!
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