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Thread: how to build up EBM supply?

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    Default how to build up EBM supply?

    also posted on multiples forum:

    forgive no caps...pumping with one hand!

    i am trying to build up my supply of ebm and increase production. one of my los are latching and feeding well. the other not so good and often needs bottle so ebm goes to him.

    boys are 10 days old and I am using ameda purely yours pump.


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    Default Re: how to build up EBM supply?

    I don't have any advice. I came across your post and just wanted to say that you might be my hero. Nursing two babies and pumping!

    Congratulations on your beautiful babies!
    Melissa, mom to my very busy 4-year-old little man and super busy 2-year-old princess.

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    Default Re: how to build up EBM supply?

    Just wanted to say Congratulations on your beautiful new baby boys!!

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    Default Re: how to build up EBM supply?

    Hi I am new here. I might have some tips for increasing milk supply.

    Try drinking plent of water atleast 10 glasses a day. Fenugreek tea, and mother milk tea have been known to help.

    Also what has increased mine, to the point where i think i have too much is pumping after feedings. I did a power pump the other day where I pumped after each feeding. I think that definitely works to increase the supply.

    Also putting the baby at the breast on demand is a definite for increasing supply.

    Remember supply and demand

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