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Thread: a doctor told me NOT to continue BF

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    Unhappy a doctor told me NOT to continue BF

    I just saw a GP for a headache & he told me that since I'm being treated for PPD (with Emsam patch), that I should not breastfeed due to the "depression chemicals" altering my breastmilk.

    I know better, but I just wanted to get some support from you mamas--I am already struggling with depression, breastfeeding with low supply due to surgery & having to supplement with formula some evenings...


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    Default Re: a doctor told me NOT to continue BF

    So sorry you are going through this and having to put up with someone who doesn't know what he's talking about on top of it. You've checked out the safety of the meds with another source I take it? Usually the pharmacist has a lot more information about that kind of thing (counterindications).
    Hope you are feeling better soon! You are so close to your 3 month goal!


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    Talking Re: a doctor told me NOT to continue BF

    I Would encourage you to talk to your lo pedi.! I think he/she'll give you much better advice! I take meds. as well, and my pedi said it was fine to BF at the same time! :tumbsup I had a good case of PPD when I had my lo, and it was VERY hard! But it does end!!! It WILL get better!! I hope you are getting help and alot of support! Keep people around you all the time ! That was very helpful for me! Also, I had to make myself get up EVERYDAY and do something productive, or I would just stay home and feel much worse !! It Will Pass, and hopefully soon!!

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