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Thread: is my breast milk still enough

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    Default is my breast milk still enough

    My little boy is now 9 months, he goes thru days when he is not interested in the breast, and tends to feed more in the night. what should i do to encourage him to sleep throw the night, he used to take the soother now he wont. I have a feeling he is not having enough. he is on solids but goes not eat much either. he is otherwise happy and i am happy with jis milestobes, he crawls and pukks himself up. any advice or tips are welcomed.

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    As long as he is gaining weight well, having enough pee diapers and regular poopy diapers, I'd say he's ok. Your BM will always provide the calories and nutrients he needs. He might be nursing more at night to make up for not nursing as much throughout the day. There's soo much interesting stuff to discover at that age that it's hard to take a break and eat.

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    My wonderful pediatrician, who used to be head of the neonatology department in a big hospital, said that breastfeeding alone is plenty until 1 year. Before that solids are just for experimenting, and learning new tastes and new oral motor skills. My daughter wouldn't eat more than a teaspoon or two of solid foods until she was about 14 months old, and was perfectly healthy and happy, as well as large and tall for her age.

    To encourage your baby to sleep through the night, I suggest checking out Elizabeth Pantley's "The No-Cry Sleep Solution." It's full of helpful tips on how to get a baby to sleep longer at night. I wish hospitals gave out free copies to all new mommas!

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