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Thread: Work At Home Ideas?

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    Question Work At Home Ideas?

    Hi, I just finished graduate school and got married. I was going to start teaching full-time; however, I had a baby and am now wanting to be a work at home mom so I can stay at home with my kids until they are in school while supplementing my husband's income to help pay the bills. I'm not looking to get rich, I just want to work part-time and make decent money, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm qualified for or where to look for legitimate jobs or businesses - I do know I don't want to do direct sales.

    Here is my eduation/experience: AA, AS, BS in Elem Ed in Lang Arts, MS in Ed in C&I, 2 years volunteering, tutoring, and substituting in the public schools. Here are my personal and job skills: very independent, organized, and scheduled, can work under pressure and meet deadlines, efficient with paperwork, and works well with others. Here are my hobbies: spending time with my family, watching movies, reading just about anything, writing stories and poems, especially for children, singing, learning to play the guitar, being outdoors hiking and swimming, exercising, and meditating.

    I would appreciate any help in brainstorming ideas to work from home - jobs and businesses alike - as long as I can work part-time and make enough money to help my husband pay the bills! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Work At Home Ideas?

    What about tutoring in your home?

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    or you could run a preschool, or home day care.
    The tutoring could be cool because you could set the hours.

    you have to look to at how much returning to work will cost, paying for day care plus the other expensises that go with working.
    If you do some cutting back maybe you will not need to make that much or even any.

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