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Thread: Changing schedule to sleep and go out more?

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    Default Changing schedule to sleep and go out more?

    Ok. I have kind of a weird question. I EP and I'm thinking about changing my pumping schedule and I'm wondering what's more important, the number of times you pump (even if pumping sessions are close together) or spreading pumping sessions out evenly over a 24 hr period?

    I know I'm probably asking too much, but I'd like to sleep at night, and have times during the day where I don't have to pump for a few hours so I can get out more. I was thinking if I cluster pump and then do pumpings farther apart in the day maybe that would work.

    I was thinking of doing something like this:


    I'm blessed with a baby that sleeps, so I'd like to sleep too, but is going 10 hours between pumpings every night too long?

    Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Changing schedule to sleep and go out more?

    First off, how old is your LO, and how long have you been pumping? If your LO is at least a few months old and your supply is pretty well established, there is no reason why you can't start stretching out how often you pump. You would have to do it gradually, but I eventually got to where I could go about every 4 hours during the day, but I generally pumped once at night. I think 10 hours at night would definitely be pushing it to begin with, but you could try gradually stretching the length of time at night to see what is comfortable to you. Definitely be careful though, because you don't want a plugged duct or mastitis. Good luck!

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    My LO just started sleeping mostly through the night. She wakes up about 1 or 2 and i give her the paci and get her back to sleep without nursing. I usually go and pump then, only about 10 minutes. I don't lose much sleep. Thurs I got 5 oz, Fri it was 6 and then last night (I went 8 hrs without nursing or pumping) and I pumped 8 oz! That's 2 bottles for my girl! I'd say maybe pump right before you go to sleep if has been about 2-3 hrs since baby went to sleep then you can nurse when you wake up. Hopefully that will be a shorter amount of time.

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