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Thread: I'm getting my period and milk is low!

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    Lightbulb I'm getting my period and milk is low!

    I was wondering if anyone else is running into this problem. I started getting my period again about 2 months ago. All last week my supply was very low..having a hard time with let down and not pumping as much. This seemed to happen the previous month also and then I ended up getting my period. Well...again I started menstruating this morning...SURPRISE! Has anyone else had this happen to them...supply dropping before getting their period? Someone told me I wasn't even going to get it while I was breastfeeding. Is this normal and is there anything I can do to keep my supply up during this time??

    Any feedback would be great. I"m worried that if my supply is low now that eventually it will stay low because of the rule of supply and demand. I don't want my body to adjust to this level of milk. I"m trying to keep the pump on an extra 5 minutes each breast even though I"m not getting any more milk coming out. Is this right??

    Thanks for ANY advice.

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    Some mothers do experience a dip in milk production around the time of their period. You're doing the best thing you can do...keeping the demand up.

    Many mothers do not get their period while breastfeeding at all, some only have it return when baby sleeps longer hours at night, while other's period will return very soon after birth despite frequent nursing. There are a lot of factors involved, and one is individual body chemistry.

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    I too notice a dip in supply around the time my period is due and also around the time ovulation occurs. It was most noticable my first two cycles post partum but isn't as bad now (still noticable but not affecting DD's nursing/my pumping so much). I try to add another pumping session in for a few days around those times to ensure I keep milk production going but I'm not sure if it's really helping much. Anyway, you're not alone!!

    Good luck!
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    my goodness... it is quite a relieve to read this discussion. This is exactly what happened last week. I've been pumping regularly but last week was lucky if I got 1 oz out of a pumping session. Was getting really worried that supply was starting to dip. then yesterday I got my period (the first since delivering 2 months ago). What a surprise! I thought I wouldn't be seeing that for at least a while more. it explained alot of things - the exhaustion and irritation I was feeling being woken up 4 times at night (poor baby). Anyway, feeling better now that it is all explained.


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