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Thread: she only likes sweet potatoes!

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    Default she only likes sweet potatoes!

    We started DD on solids around 6 mos - tried cereal (rice & oatmeal) and sometimes she'll eat that & sometimes not. Tried the greens (peas & beans)- her faces were priceless - some avocado mashed, bananas mashed and in jar, applesauce, carrots and peaches and she raspberries/spits all of them out! The only thing she will eat is sweet potatoes (and says ummm, and opens her mouth for more). So I've tried to re-introduce these foods again to see if maybe she'll start to like them but same result. I don't want to give her sweet potatoes every day so should I just keep trying other things on those days or just do cereal & every couple days sweet potatoes for awhile?

    Her schedule for solids is pretty loose. Most days cereal in am (after nursing or bottle) & veggies after lunch bottle or if they don't give them at daycare then we give them at dinner.

    Also, my sister started to give her a few cheerios last week (she got about 2 in her mouth) - should I try more finger foods or stick to baby stuff?

    I'm not really all that worried about it b/c I know some take longer to like solids than others but just looking for suggestions on what I can try?


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    Default Re: she only likes sweet potatoes!

    My baby was the same way around that age. She liked most fruits, but veggies were way off the mark for her. Once I was so excited because she ate peas and loved them, but that only happened once! I found that she loved guacamole, but hated plain avocado. She loved cheerios, but most other solid things she couldn't deal with. I started giving her yogurt, which she loved. So basically she got fruit, yougurt and cheerios for a couple of months. She never liked baby cereal at all.

    Now, I'm happy to report that she loves and will eat absolutely anything! I just every now and then introduced the foods that she didn't like again, and sooner or later she actually started liking them. Spinach was the first veggie that she couldn't get enough of. She's almost a year old now and it probably took til she was 8 or 9 months before she really started eating even a half jar of baby food at a sitting.

    I wouldn't sweat it yet. Just be patient and give her tastes of new things now and then to see if she'll try them.

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    Default Re: she only likes sweet potatoes!

    Yup, just keep trying and be patient. I went very slow with Justice, he is 9 mos. old, and he is a great eater now. It took us awhile. I still don't do much in the finger foods department except with a mesh feeder because I am paranoid he might choke. Just be careful. You really don't have to rush the solids and so many babies are picky. Didn't see if you tried carrots, those are also a sweet veggie. You could mix some of the less tasty veggies with applesauce. Justice's favorite things are mixed with applesauce. Sweet potatoes mixed with applesauce is his favorite. Good luck!

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