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    I am going back to school in the fall 2 days a week. LO will be 9mo. I have already started pumping and storing the milk in my deep freeze. All the milk is in 6oz+ increments, and now I'm reading that babies stop eating as much per feeding as they get older (after introducing solids) I really don't want to waste any of the milk.

    What increments do you store your milk in? How old is the baby?

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    My baby is 8.5 months. She usually drinks 5 ounces now when she takes a bottle, so that is what I store in now. However, most of my freezer stash is in 2-4 ounces, because that is what she ate when I pumped that milk! I haven't noticed a decrease in how much she eats per feeding, but there may be a decrease in how many feedings she has because she is now taking some solids.
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