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Thread: relactating and real life

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    Question relactating and real life

    So this is my conundrum: DD is 12 wks. old today. I had breast reduction surgery many years ago so lactation has been difficult in the past with my first child. With DD I seemed to produced more milk, taking donperidone and other herbs (do not live in the US so I'm taking what's available here). I started trying to breastfeed DD at the beginning but always afraid that I couldn't produce enough plus the fact that she was born fullterm but very low weight (5lbs6oz) I started supplementing with formula in bottle right away. I never gave us the chance to fully develop a breastfeeding relation because I always had to tend to my other kid and do house chores. I've cried over it so much and feel deeply sad about it. I'd only put her to the breast to suck for comfort and it always seem to soothe her. I also pump once a day and yield between 2 to 3 (in a good day!) oz. So I want to give it another shot because it turns out she's allergic to cow milk's and soy protein and has reflux and maybe my milk will make her feel better? I do not have any hopes of breastfeeding exclusively, if I could provide one full meal a day I would be more than satisfied. I, realistically, do not have the time to pump 8 times a day and I just got an SNS which I'd probably be able to use 2-3 times a day since the rest of the time I'm out taking my other kid to lessons and school and the SNS can't be used in public. So I guess my question is if you think this can be done or is it an all or nothing kind of thing? Has anybody been in this situation? Also if somebody could please tell me if anybody has taken the fenugreek in powder form? that's the only way it's available here. Many, many thanks in advance for your input!

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    Default Re: relactating and real life

    Hi there!

    I'm sorry that you have been feeling so sad over the loss of your BF relationship with your dd.

    To answer you question, relactation is definitely not an "all or nothing" sort of thing.

    You might be happy to hear that getting 2-3 oz/day at this point is absolutely wonderful! You already are providing your dd one meal a day!!

    What type of pump are you using right now?

    Milk production is based wholly on supply and demand. So, if you take out more, your body will make more. The less you take out, your body will get the message to make less. If you can get 2-3 oz now just pumping once a day, chances are very good that if you can add a few more pumping sessions in during the day, on top of feeding dd with the SNS at her regular feeding times, then you will see your production increase pretty quickly.

    Have you ever heard of this website?
    BFAR stands for Breastfeeding After Reduction Surgery. You probably knew that. But I thought you might be interested in the website also. It is not an LLL site, but the lactation consultants who own the site are highly regarded in their field.

    I will look for your response,

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    Default Re: relactating and real life

    hi Kate! thanks so much for your response! I'm using a Lansinoh electric pump. I live in Guatemala and there are no hospital grade pumps available, and the Lansinoh was the only one I could afford. Do you think I'm better off hand expressing? I've tried it before but never seem to be able to get the milk in the container, I end up with it all over.

    I've checked the BFAR site in the past but for some reason the site never lets me get to the forums although I've signed up. I'll keep trying.

    I'm excited and intimidated about the SNS (I just got it yesterday ). Any advice?

    Many, many thanks Kate! It was great to get a response!

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    Default Re: relactating and real life

    You're more than welcome!

    Yea for the SNS! Once they get the hang of it, many moms find it easy to use. You might want to start another thread asking for tips on using the SNS. That might get you some specific answers. It really is going to feel like you need 8 arms in the beginning, but just hang in there. It will get easier.

    As far as the pump, it just depends on what is most effective for you. There are moms who have effectively relactated with hand expression only. Others can't get the hang of it. So, I would say at this point, try everything and do what gives you the most bang for your buck. When you hand express, do yo lean over a very wide-mouth jar or bowl? That helps some moms.

    Do you think you would be able to get in touch with a local Leader? This would be so helpful for you-especially working with the SNS.

    Here is a link...but it is in Spanish...

    If you need more help finding someone just PM me. I can help further...

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    Default Re: relactating and real life

    first lots of luck and congrats on wanting to relactate!

    It's wonderful you are getting 2-3 oz a day already, That was the hardest point for me to get to, once I was up to 2-3 oz a day it was much easier for me to build my supply

    have you been able to get your little one to nurse from you even if only for comfort? my little guy would nurse but hated the SNS . Hopefully your little one will take to it well! I am just so clumsy i think!!

    also I had a Breast Augmentation just 10 months before he was born (yup got PG weeks after surgery!) So I know all about the worry of getting enough milk etc and I was lucky I was able to do it after having the peri-areola incision. hopefully you can have the same success!!

    about all or nothing no any breast milk is good! you may have to supplement if you can't establish your full supply but any is good !

    also about pumping you will find what works for you! I tried the hospital grade pump and the medela pis and none worked for me I used hand expression but it can be hard to learn at first as well . I always placed the wide neck avent bottle on a table low enough where i could lean over it and express my milk into it without it spraying all over, then transfered the milk into my medela storage bottles. Also this may sound odd but i had to shake tickel and massage my breasts and i would get even more milk once i thought i was empty. the good thing about me knowing how to hand express was i could do it while out and about and make sure i was expressing my milk even if i couldn't save it at the time so at least my body was told ot make it.

    anyway this is just my experiance and i'm sharing in hopes to give you more ideas on ways to get this to work! It's really all about trial and what works best for you!

    oh another trick i was told was cluster pumping
    pump 10 minutes
    stop 10
    pump 10
    stop 10
    pump 20
    usually do this first thing in the morning and it really helps !

    about fenugreek powder i have never tried that?

    lots of luck to you!
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