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So my questions are:
1) With this method and night weaning in general, will my DS eventually quit waking every two hours and learn to soothe himself to sleep? Or just continue to wake every two hours, but learn to go back to sleep without nursing?

2) I know from reading the article that Dr. Jay Gordon leans more toward cosleeping and doing this in a family bed. He also says to put the baby "down" awake. Does "Down" in a family bed where mom is right next to you to cuddle etc equal rocking to sleep (no nursing) then putting in the crib asleep?

Now that I think about the article, for question #2, is it correct that days 1-3 and 4-6 I can pick him up, but days 7-9 I don't pick him up, but rather just sing, pat etc? And I guess now that I think about it, doing that for days 7-9 will teach DS to self soothe back to sleep, thus not waking every 2 hours.

Did I just answer my own questions? Am I thinking correctly? Can someone verify my rambling?

Sorry if this is too late to be of help, but I wanted to both wean from nursing and wean from the family bed but I used this method successfully. The key for me was thinking of it as a 2 step process. Step one being the weaning from the breast but baby isn't losing the security of the family bed. Once that's been accomplished (think a few more weeks of co-sleeping) then progress to weaning the baby/toddler from the bed. The advantage to this approach is that by the time the baby's learning to sleep on his own he's already learned to sleep without nursing and is waking up less anyway.