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Thread: I feel like I'm going crazy

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    Default I feel like I'm going crazy

    i'm sorry to rant but i feel like i'm losing it-

    dd is 8 weeks old- i'm thrilled to have made it this far with bf but i really thought things would start getting easier.

    we finally got the latch down (most of the time)- poop was great- pee was great- dd was satisfied after all eatings-

    then she started screaming at some feedings at around 6 weeks- is it OS or OALD- who knows (i'm on th too much milk board) but if either one was the case why did it start at 6 weeks?

    now we are getting green poops (as of 2 days ago) and dd is not eating as much and today went 5 hours before wanting to eat again and when she did eat it was for 5 min- on one side only to the have a great big spit-up where it all came out! 5 hours is a long time during the day- i wanted to pump but worried she might want to eat at any minute-

    The bright side is dd is happy and still seems quite satisfied- i'm the one who is going nuts! She is plump and cuddly and happy- unless she's screaming at me on the boob!

    I feel awful to be so crazy (can i still blame hormones?)but what is going on?

    Thanks for 'listening'!


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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    OK, calm down Momma. We will get this sorted out.
    I can think of a number of reasons of why this could be happening.

    1. If you have OALD it could be that your baby is just learning to deal with it. Now she is old enough to pull off or do other "tricks" to slow down the flow. Does she make clicking sounds while nursing? Sometimes it means that she is controlling the flow of milk.

    2. Another thing I can think of is sensitivity to something in your diet. Ds was (and still is to some degree) sensitive to dairy in my diet. Your dd might be pulling off when she taste something in your milk that`s making her tummy upset. Does she have mucous in her poop at all?

    3. Then, of course, there is a growth spurt around the 6 week mark. Babies tend to be fussier than normal.

    I do not want to trouble any further as you seem worried as it is. These are just some possibilities to consider. Hope your situation improves soon.

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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    Green poos can be normal but it really depends on what they look like. are the just green? Do they have mucus? foamy? watery? Mucus can mean virus which will run its course foamy can mean oald or os or foremilk /hidemilk imbalance caused from OALD,OS or just not being on the breast long enough.
    watery can mean a number of things like allergies or virus. I know there is a link to a dr site talking about all the poo variations but I didn't save it maybe another great mama can post for you. But I suggest making a pedi app if your really concerned always made me feel better in any case HTH!

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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    I know for me the first 9 weeks were the hardest - now it is a breeze... and honestly it happened over night.

    So hang in there! The PP's did a wonderful job outlining what it could be =)

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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    I am sorta going through the same thing with my 9 week old. I wanna tell you hang in there with the green stools. We had them for about 3 weeks straight. I finely started doing one sided feedings at a time instead of both side and we are getting yellow stools again but it took about a week for that to be yellow and not green. But you are doing GREAT! Don't give up. I feel that way at times too but I just tell myself I am doing the best thing in the world for my baby and watching him eat I just cant help but grin...that is when he is not screaming his head off! lol Hang in there girl! You are doing wonderful.
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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    I second what folks have said about over active letdown (OALD). I had OALD for many months before things normalized. For quite a few weeks my son was fine with it, but then, like your daughter, suddenly he started rejecting the breast and screaming at me. He also had lots of green poop. It was crazy, it drove me insane, but I concentrated on block feeding (only feeding on one side for multiple feedings before switching) and developing my patience. There were times when I knew that he was hungry, but he would still get upset when I prepared to nurse him. It was a headache! But I did it and I'm sure that you can too! Hang in there! Either your letdown will lessen, or your daughter will get big enough to handle it.


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    Default Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    Thanks Ladies-

    I feel a bit less insane today.

    I am definately going to try the dairy elimination and see what happens.

    I think the poops are just green- not frothy not exactly sure what mucusy looks like but I think it's just green poop.

    I appreciate your help- it's amazing how someone so small and cuddly can be such a mystery!

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