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Thread: Ship EBM?

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    Not sure where to post this...

    I am goign to be moving across the country. We will be taking a couple of weeks to drive to Texas before driving for our move to Salt Lake City. I have a bunch of frozen milk stored up. I really don't want to throw it out and I know I will use it while in TX. How should I get it there? It won't stay frozen for our 2 1/2 day drive. Can I use dry ice to ship it overnight to my in-laws?

    I have about 30 oz and definitely don't want to throw it out, I worked hard for that!

    Any experience with this?

    Thanks a ton!

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    I don't have experience shipping EBM but I do suggest dry ice it will last awhile before thawing and keep it packed up and tight. You can take it with you if you use the dry ice and dont have to ship.


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    I traveled for 72 hours w/ dry ice and it was still frozen when I got there!! I only took what I needed so I didn't run the risk of losing any. (I wasn't moving only vacationing)! Anyway, make sure it's packed well and take it w/ you.

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    I agree in a good cooler you might be able to get there with just ice.
    Look for a cooler that holds ice for a long time...

    heres some hints about how to use a cooler not about breastmilk but general info


    this one says it holds ice for 5 days

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    I have shipped it via Fed Ex on dry ice and it remained frozen. You will need to delcair thr Dry Ice as "dangerous goods" on the shipping form b/c they wuill handle it different. I went into a Fed Ex location and had them help me to make sure everything was fine.

    Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful move.
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    mary if you don't mind sharing how much did it cost
    for the dry ice and then for the shipping and then how did you wrap it up?

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