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Thread: lipase problem

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    hiya. I'm about to return to work after 5 months of freezing loads of breastmilk, however, after going through my supply i noticed that most of it smelled sour and had sort of white looking mold on top , and i must say tasted really disgusting, totally sour. Everything has been frozen in avent via cups with tops and even the stuff that is only 5 wks old is looking not nice. Would this be a lipase problem or something else. Have tried a couple of times to give a bottle to my lo before i noticed this problem and she will take it after refusing a couple of time, but not sure if that was the milk or the bottle she was objecting to. Obviously i don't wanna throw it all away, but I wouldn't drink it. Otherwise my freezer seems to be working ok . thanks appreciate any help.!!!

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    Lots of babies don't like bottles from mom. So it's hard to tell with that. By 5 months she knows where it comes from and where the good stuff is. The "white mold" sounds like it just got kind of freeze dried on top. The bottles in my freezer (not my milk - I babysit) have that on the top and that milk is just fine. But the sourness may be related to lipase. Is it not sweet at all? The fact that you got your baby to drink it makes me think it may be OK... I'd hate for you to have to throw it all out, but I can see why you'd be concerned about feeding your baby something that's nasty to you. As you continue to pump, do you know about scalding the milk? Perhaps start doing that now and just keep the stash as back-up if you run out of scalded and fresh milk. Someone else probably knows more than I do.

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