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Thread: Need help strange habit

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    Hi, my name is Melanie. I hope you can help me on this one.I have a baby who was born 8 wks. early.He was in the NICU for about a month .He has been home with us for about 6 wks.He is now 2 wks. past what his actual due date was. so he is really a 2 wk. old.Recently he started to do something different.At about 1 out of every 5 feedings he will show very hungry and eat well for about 10-15 min.Then he will pull off and still appear hungry. I will place him back on and he will suck for a sec. or two. When the milk starts to flow he will pull off and whine and cry. I will try again with the same result.He will appear hungry for awhile until he eventually calms to sleep or at least quiet.I even tried a pacifier to see if maybe he was full and just wanted to suck,but he refuses and only wants the breast. I can't stop the flow of milk, and don't want to for fear it will interfere with production. what can I do ? it is very frustrating for the both of us. hope you can help or know someone who can.
    thank you,
    melanie and dylan

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    If he wants to comfort suck there is not much you can do about the milk flow! Have you tried burping him? It isn't so strange my first born was on the breast 24/7, and would get a bit frustrated at times because he wanted my nipple but no milk...my second son will scream and cry (he is 8 months today) sometimes if I try and nurse him on my right side, so I switch him to the left and he is happy and content. He knows that he can pretty much pacify on the left and only get a little milk (my plumbing is quite different, in the amount of time I can get 1 ounce out of the left I can get about 4 out of the right!). He is still quite new and getting used to everything. Is he emptying your breast when he eats? Do you seem to have an oversupply problem? Try and feed him only on one breast per session (or try block feeding, which is feeding on one breast for 3-4 hours then switching.) and if he seems to want to pacify, let him do it on the empty breast.

    Just some suggestions! I hope this helps! Keep up the GREAT work! Your frustrations will pass!


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    Hi Melanie,

    I'm moving this to newborn challenges so it might get more replies.

    Congratulations on your new little one! It sounds like you've overcome some challenges already. It must be such a relief to have him home with you.

    So this is a new behavior and it's not at every feeding? It sure can be frustrating when you aren't sure what's causing the fussiness.

    How is his latch? Are your nipples sore at all?
    Maybe he has gas or needs to pass a bm? Does he gulp? "Gulpers" can take it a lot of air and need burping. They tend to get fussier and fussier as the feeding progresses.
    What's his weight gain / output like?

    Lots of questions, I know. Hopefully we can figure something out to help.


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    Mine used to whine when the milk flowed too fast to swallow. I let it flow onto a towel until it stopped dripping before relatching. Sometimes had to do it more than once. There was always more milk for him to suck beyond what was leaking...it just help ease the pressure to let out whatever was being ejected. Don't know if you're experiencing the same, but that helped, as did side-lying position.

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    I don't remember where I saw this, but it shows a position that is practically laying on your back and isn't side-lying position, it worked for me. I guess my milk used to flow to fast for my baby and a lot times he protested, so I tried that position with a pillow on my back and it did the trick, I guess he wasn't gulping on my milk anymore and was drinking at his own pace. Now my favorite position is side-lying, my back feels better that way .

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