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Thread: One breast produces more milk........

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    Default One breast produces more milk........

    I have been exclusively double pumping for 4 months now and only recently I have noticed that my right breast is slow in catching up with the left breast and produces less milk when expressing per session i.e 20mls less. Is this normal? Will this affect my breast in the long run? Is there anything I can do to get it to catch up? Before both breasts produced brilliantly the same amount. Thanks. B.

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    I too have a super producing boob and one that produces but not really near the way the other does. I have heard that this is normal - I think there are a couple of other posts about it somewhere. It's also my understanding that this shouldn't affect your output long term. Keep in mind that what you get while pumping is different than what the baby gets from nursing. HTH!

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    Default Re: One breast produces more milk........

    Yes, it's quite normal to have one breast produce more. In fact, I read today, that it's usually the right breast. I guess I'm unusual though, b/c my left breast was always to big producer. I don't think there are any long-term effects from this.
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    I have what I like to call the tortise and the hare -- one likes to empty very quickly (usually within 6 minutes, and no matter how long I pump never gets any more -- this is the left one) and one that takes 10-15 to empty, but produces much more (the right one).

    I guess slow and steady really is the trick!

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