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Thread: question for moms with OALD

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    Is she spitting up a lot after each feeding? I had both OALD and I still deal with OS from time to time when Peter chops and changes his night feeding from sleeping 8 hours straight to waking every hour. It's hard for my poor breasts to know how much milk to make!

    When Peter was younger, I could tell I overfed him when he spit up a lot after each feed. Sometimes he would spit up 10 times over 2 hours. I realized that I was just producing too much milk for his little tummy to be able to handle. This caused a lot of discomfort on his part. You know what it's like when you overeat....sometimes you get very uncomfortable.

    The crying while nursing is usually a result of OALD, and I had that. DH thought it was pretty cool that I had a self-spraying boob. Sometimes, however Peter would start screaming in the middle of nursing and it turned out to be gas pains. I only realized this after I posted a similar thread 8 months ago and one of the Mom's suggested gas pains. To help ease any discomfort as a result of gas pains, I would move his legs like riding a bicyle and scrunch them up and down into his abdomen. This usually helped him to feel better. OALD causes gas, as babies tend to gulp, gulp, gulp, often taking in too much air. Leads to a lot of burping and general gassiness.


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    Sometimes with OS and OALD the poop is green and there is a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance... My son got use to the OALD and still stops nursing until the "spray" stops.. So funny, they get use to it. You need to work on th e foremilk/hindmilk imbalance..
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    I had the same thing happen at about 8 weeks. Part of it was OALD, but I also finally realized that my LO just wasn't hungry, so he was getting angry with me for trying to force the boob on him. Babies can also become much more efficient at nursing around this time. My LO rarely nurses for more than 5 minutes anymore, but he is getting plenty, because he has lots of wet and poopie diapers.

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    I am so glad to hear that your Lo only nurses for about 5 min!! Dd is like 5 min. on and then screams to be done!!it just doesn't seem like she could be satisfied and full, but she will have no more!

    I cannot get ride of green poops (since 3 days ago) so I don't know what to do, but dr. didn't seemed concerned (had 8 week checkup the other day).

    Dd is happy and content so i have to learn to let it go!

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