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Thread: Newborn constipation?

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    Default Newborn constipation?

    Not sure what to do here. My DS is 4days old today and i've been trying to BF him, though he had some formula the first few days. However last night he literally nursed for 2 and a half hours. Being very fussy after about an hour, screaming and crying then going back sucking for a few secs and crying again. I finally decided to just pump some milk and feeding him that through a syringe(the hospital fed him formula that way to avoid confusion). He ate plenty of milk that way but still fought sleep for about 5 hours, screaming the entire time, the only way to get him to sleep is to sleep with him which he didnt have a problem with before. he woke up this morning and started the screaming crying again right away, refused to nurse or rather for do the suck and cry thing, so we fed him through a syringe again. He hasn't really had a good poop in well over 24hours probably closer to 48, maybe one dime sized one and hes very gasy. Could it be that hes constipated? what can we do to ease his pain? its sunday so unless we go to the ER we cant him to a doctor. Could it be that hes not getting enough milk from me? hes a good nurser or i think he is. the last day when he nurses my right boob will leak if hes on the left so i know hes gotta be doing something right. But hes very very fussy, farting like crazy and you can hear his tummy making noises, i know something gotta be wrong. someone please help. thanks

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    Default Re: Newborn constipation?

    you realy should call your local lll leader!

    she can help you over the phone beter than we can on line.

    its normal for babies to have trouble latching on when mature milk comes in.
    but it will not last forever.
    How many wet diapars is the baby having?
    how often is the baby eating? its normal for neborns to want to nurse alot.
    Sometimes 12 times in 24 hours. Each time the baby nurses he is telling your body to make more milk.

    heres something to read, not lll


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    Default Re: Newborn constipation?

    The lack of poop definitely signals that something is wrong, so I'm glad you are trusting your gut on that point, and I'm glad you posted.

    How many good wet diapers has he had in the last 24 hours?

    It's wonderful that you've been syringe-feeding him your EBM, and that the hospital also used the syringe instead of an artificial nipple. Rule #1 is to keep a newborn fed, by whatever means necessary.

    Why was he given formula on those first few days?

    How did the rest of Sunday go (it's been almost six hours since you posted)?

    If he is still not pooping and not nursing well, can you call the hospital where you gave birth and talk to the nurses or the on-call pediatrician about the situation? I don't want to alarm you unduly, but the lack of poop is really not good, especially if his urine output also is low. Do you know how to check his temperature?


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    Default Re: Newborn constipation?

    (((hugs))) Zoeythelost

    Newborns are such mysterious creatures, aren't they? Let's see if we can begin to help you find out what is going on.

    You mention that your baby was supplemented with formula in the hospital. Was there a medical reason that supplementation was neccessary?

    Did your baby have any dirty diapers in the hospital?

    How many wet diapers has your baby had in the last 24 hours?

    What color are the poops your baby had?

    How many times has your baby nursed in 24 hours?

    How much supplement has your baby taken in that same period of time?

    Do you feel like your milk has become more plentiful, or "came in"? If so, are you engorged at all?

    Is there any pattern to your baby's fussiness at the breast? Does he suck at all before he begins to fuss? And does he fuss in all different positions?

    The answers to these questions should help define a pattern that can give you some clues as to what is going on.

    In the meanwhile, it's very important to nurse your baby as often as he will, and to supplement if he will not nurse at LEAST every 2-3 hours. If your baby is not nursing well, is not having enough wet or dirty diapers, and appears in distress, CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

    Please keep us updated, okay? Wishing you the best!

    Here are a few links that might be helpful:
    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/bas...resources.html (not LLL resource)

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