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Thread: Fussy Baby After Feedings

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    My baby will be one month old tomorrow. I have been BF since the beginning and I noticed that after each feeding (mostly during the day) he gets very fussy. He squirms and cries like he's in pain off and on . Lately, he's been waking up constantly while sleeping like he's in pain and I have to soothe to put back to sleep. I try to burp and I have also given Mylicon (gas drops). Sometimes it appears that the drops make it worse. I keep thinking that my milk does not settle in and am considering supplementing with formula. He has normal poopy diapers and tiny watery poop in between. I don't know what to do.

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    Try holding him up for 20-30 min after nursing. It may be a touch of reflux. If it is reflux one of the worst things you can do is to supplement with formula. Breastmilk is a natural antiacid and helps to settle babies stomachs. There is also a prescription gas drop (Levsin) that helps to relieve the baby's stomach from cramping. It works better than mylicon. If the gas is bad, try to bicycle the babies legs or rotate counter clockwise to work out the gas.
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    You sound worried, babystamper.

    Aside from the distruptive sleep, does your baby seem content? How many wet and poopy diapers in 24 hours? About how many times does he nurse in 24 hours? Is he gaining weight? Have you discussed this behavior with your baby's doctor?

    Here's some information that you might find helpful (a variety of information--take what works for you and leave the rest ):
    http://www.askdrsears.com/html/5/T051200.asp (non-LLL resource)

    Have you called your local LLL Leader for support? You can find a Leader by scrolling up to the green header at the top of the page and choosing a country from the box next to the words "find local support".

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    Reflux is the first thing that came to my mind (although there could be other reasons like wind or teething?)

    I just thought of reflux because my daughter was the same from about a month, she would scream in pain after being put down to sleep after a feed, and at nappy changes. It would have me in tears sometimes.

    Anyway, after a while we discovered that it was actually reflux (wish we figured it out earlier for her!)

    We would do the following to relieve the pain:

    • Hold her upright after a feed for 20 mins
    • Raise the head of her mattress slightly (by place a towel underneath the mattress head)
    • We also gave her some natural reflux medicine which seems to help after a few days

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