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Thread: bottles that fit on PIS

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    Default bottles that fit on PIS

    are there certain brands of bottles (other than medela) that attach directly to the PIS?


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    Default Re: bottles that fit on PIS

    I've actually found a ton that fit.
    -the ameda ones I got from the hospital
    -the ones that came with my free diaper bag from similac
    -the little 4 or 5 oz evenflo bottles which you can buy with either just caps (for storage) or with nipples (for feeding)
    -the small, skinny 4oz Dr. Brown's bottles fit on there
    -I think the cheapie gerber ones would too because I use the gerber collars/nipples on the bottles I pump in to.
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    Default Re: bottles that fit on PIS

    I use the cheaper Gerber ones because I pump so much I can't use the little bottles. They work great, but they no longer have good covers, just nipples with odd covers, so I use my Medela covers with the larger bottles.

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    Default Re: bottles that fit on PIS

    I think that just about every standard bottle fits. I will even pump right into the playtex Ventaire bottles. I also use the evenflo bottles. One look at the price of the Medela ones

    My pump came with 4 bottles. I was boiling all the bottles and such cuz Baby has thrush... and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later to a very hot, dry pot with melted bottles in it. I lost 3 Medela storage bottles and 6 ventaires. I was very lucky to not have had anything else happen...

    So I bought a sterilizer so that it wouldn't happen again.

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    Default Re: bottles that fit on PIS

    The dr. brown bottles fit perfectly.
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