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Thread: marathon nursing

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    Unhappy marathon nursing

    I have been nursing my 7 wk old son for about 2 hrs. He would doze off for 5- 10 minutes (probably 3x during the 2-hour period) but would nurse again as soon as he wakes up. I call it marathon nursing. Now we're resting because i think he had too much and wanted to poop.

    i know this is normal, but until when are we on this kind of nursing? I wanted to set a schedule for him but i don't think he's ready for one now. He doesn't take a pacifier (pushes it out) so i don't have any choice but to nurse.

    when did your LO start being on a schedule? What is your experience when you go out?

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    Default Re: marathon nursing

    Mine is 8 weeks and we feed all the time. Can't imagine a schedule. You really think your baby is "ready" for one? I can't imagine Evan being on any type of schedule other than eat, poop, sleep a little, eat again. Oh, and we don't get out much, but if we do and he wants to nurse, I nurse. We've gotten better at it.

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