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Thread: Pumping fun!!

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    Well i had a little boy on wednesday and i suppose my milk came in today or yesturday and things were getting alittle swore this morning, DS was being fussy and wouldnt latch on, so i pulled out my handy dandy Isis manual and got 4 oz from both sides. seemed like alot for only having a 3 day old. anyway i pumped again tonight after he fed and fell asleep and got another 4oz, could've got more but the bottle was only 4 oz i was using. i've become obsessed with pumping lol. hoping i'll get a good storage built up.

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    I thought I was the only woman on the planet! I have to admit - I don't mind it, either. It is very satisfying to see what you "made." It helped ease my fear of whether or not dd was getting enough to eat. Your subject alone made me laugh, pumping fun! Too bad we can't have a "pump party!" LOL
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    Congratulations on both the new baby and the pumping ease! It took me forever to be able to pump anything, so I'm especially happy to hear that someone else is having a better time of it!

    I can already hardly remember that my now almost 12 MO was once a tiny 3 day old. Enjoy every minute with him!!

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