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Thread: Frustrating let-down!

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    Default Frustrating let-down!

    Ok, so I've never felt a let-down (I don't think, anyway!) But I know when I pump there is often a pause after the initial foremilk comes out. The pause is often a long one (minutes) I know my LO is much more efficient than the pump, however he has for the last few weeks only wanting to nurse one side (especially the right bc it is my problem child! ) for a short time and then he wants to switch after only maybe 5 or so minutes. I am afraid he is not getting enough hindmilk (his weight gain has been ok, but I don't think fabulous.) (He was born 4/26/07 at 9 lbs 10 oz. and is now around 13 lbs 3 oz.) I think he may be getting frustrated about his "lack of reward" while he is waiting for a let down. I have tried compressions. BTW this plus sized mama is a 2 handed bfer so I have to hold it the whole time, could this be affecting it?) Any thoughts or suggestions???? He doesn't do the frustrated boobie swap when he is super tired, that's when he eats great! Ok, sorry for the novel, but hopefully someone can help! TIA!

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    Your LO is probably just becoming more efficient with time. I know when I pumped when DD was younger, I would have 3 seperate, distinct let-downs. Then we BFed exclusively for quite a while, and now when I pump, I only have one. And she nurses for about 3-5 mins. per side. Totally normal, as long as your LO is still having normal wets/dirties. HTH!

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