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Thread: Why I do it....

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    Default Why I do it....

    DD2 has a nasty chest infection, she's been poorly for about 4 days, on antibiotics for 3 days now, and is almost completely off her (solid) food, and has been for about 4 days.

    What is she living on? Breastmilk! I am currently feeding a 20lb, 13 month old newborn!! It must be good stuff because she's not lost any weight at all.

    Who says there's no point nursing past 12 months!


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    :tumbsup Lucky little girl. Way to go momma!

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    Good for You!!
    Mama knows best.

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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    We just had a nasty stomach virus sweep through the family. Guess you didn't get it? My bf 1 year old! Yay breastmilk!
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    WTG Mama!

    We just went through this last week- high fever, wouldn't eat solids, but she sure wanted to nurse! And nothing was better for her body or her upset belly.

    And what would I have given her if I weren't still nursing? Whole milk? Gee, THAT would have done wonders for her poor sick tummy.
    Bee- proud mama to Maggie, 6/12/06 and Maya, 10/15/08

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    Amen, my 13 month old just got over a virus (first illness in over a year...one more prop for BFing!) and solids, juice and water repulsed her for 4 days...guess who didn't lose any weight or get dehydrated b/c of the good old boob juice!!! The pedi didn't even believe she'd been sick that long and that she'd been refusing solids LO was in such good shape. Yea breast milk!

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