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Thread: feeding solids-he spills it

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    Default feeding solids-he spills it

    i treid starting cereal for our 5 month old 3 days ago.some of it he chews some spills out.how doi know he learnt it and is taking it in.do i stil consider that he is "eating" cereal?or will there be a learning time?
    do i add other foods or wait untill he takes everything from the spoon into his mouth and doesnt leak from corners of his lips////
    "first time mom" :=)

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    Default Re: feeding solids-he spills it

    Right now it is just a learning process for your baby, and one day he will actually eat the food without spitting it out. One reason for the spitting or leaking out of his mouth is because he may not be ready yet. He is only 5 months, and most babies are not ready until after at least 6 months. You could try stopping solids (your breastmilk is all he really needs!) and try again in a few weeks!

    Good luck!


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