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Thread: what if he just wants to nurse?

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    Default what if he just wants to nurse?

    My 15 month old really makes his wishes known now about nursing.
    He'll ask to nurse and refuse any food I offer him.
    Should I give in everytime?
    I just don't know if all the nursing is rdisplacing the food he should be getting by now.

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    Default Re: what if he just wants to nurse?

    I'm interested in what other mommas have to say about this too. My lo is similar, she love to eat dinner. . .and snack throughout the day, but can't seem to get her to "eat" because she prefers to nurse. She's been cutting teeth though, so I'm wondering if it's that? Has your lo always been like this, or is it recent development that might have other reasons?

    Hopefully we will both get some answers!
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    Default Re: what if he just wants to nurse?

    man ,I think it depends on each time they ask.
    If you think they are just board I would try and distact if you cool with setting limits.
    At that age they cann't understand much of why they cann't nurse when they want to but they are learning some.
    As they get closer to 2 thats when you can start to reason with them.
    "You cann't nurse now but so soon as we get home you can nurse"
    Good luck!

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