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Thread: How much water for a 12 month old?

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    Default How much water for a 12 month old?

    Does anyone know how much water a toddler should be drinking a day? Or is there some website or link to find out? Ds drinks water in between meals and has milk/formula w/meals and is breastfeeding about 5 times a day. I don't know if I should limit his water intake, or just let him drink as much as he wants. He doesn't normally drink juice, and he eats plenty of solids, so I am not worried about that interferring w/his eating habits, I just am wanting some sort of reference or guide, to know how much water he needs a day.

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    Default Re: How much water for a 12 month old?

    surely if a 1yr old is eating solids and drinking alot during the day he'll just pee off all the water he drinks???????? my 13mth drinks when thirsty...i usually ask at different times during the day (usually when I drink) as its hot. Lots of fluids are good aren't they?

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    Default Re: How much water for a 12 month old?

    Water is only harmful if you drink a large amount very quickly. It can dilute the sodium in your body, messing up many bodily processes. Your kidneys can keep up with smaller, spaced out doses though.

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    Default Re: How much water for a 12 month old?

    Here's info from dr. sears that might help.
    You can probably keep an eye on his output, too. If his urine is pale or colorless, he's probably staying hydrated enough.

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