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Thread: When to pump??

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    I would like to start pumping occasionally so that my LO can stay home with daddy when I go to the store and such. I bought one of the Medella pumps, and pumped a little this morning and ended up with only about 1.5oz. My breast was VERY full. I have never felt a "Let-down" nor can I tell if my breast is empty. I was just curious as to how much I should be pumping out (baby is 5 weeks) AND when to pump, because I still want to BF all the time, just have a few bottles "just in case" I do not want to empty em out and not have enough for her!
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    is the 1.5oz on one breast? if so that sounds about right. I wouldn't worry about emptying your breast, I read that you can nurse 10 mins after pumping. As for when to pump, I don't know. Its good to have a good supply in the freezer for her if you get sick or have to be away from your baby for long periods of time. Something to think about the more your feeding/pumping the more your going to produce.

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