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Thread: Fatigue setting in?!?

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    Default Fatigue setting in?!?

    i've been very tired lately.
    i guess its the result of a month of not sleeping through the night. The fatigue is finally setting in.
    I also finished my vitamins last week and keep forgetting to pick up a bottle when i'm out.
    In my last trimester, I noticed that all the literature on newborns warned about the tiredness. I slightly resented the focus on fatigue and thought it only made me more anxious.
    I went into this second birth with high adrenalin and a positive attitude. But I guess, natural law is taking its course.
    i didn't expect to feel this way
    worst part is. i'm not good at sleeping in the days as i am such a busy body. and LO sleeps mostly during the days.
    i need to start learning to rest. like right now, my head is spinning. But I have someone here doing housekeeping for me, and I just want to be aware of all taht is happening. This should be a good opp for me to rest. silly me.
    when did you get fagged out?

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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    Yep, about a month after birth, I hit a brick wall. I had so much to do around the house, and so much I wanted to do before I went back to work, but I just let it slide. I learned to nap when the baby does, and to ask my DH and family for some help. Even if I just laid down for 45 minutes, it helped out. And then around 8-10 weeks, I started feeling normal again.
    I am a girl who LOVES to sleep, but I have adapted to 6 hours or less at night - we all learn how, eventually. The human species has survived for millions of years and you know that moms before us felt this way too. The point is, you aren't alone! Hang in there, ask for help and get a catnap when you can. The housework and dirty clothes can wait, but your baby needs you well and rested!

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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    I was exhausted from the very beginning! I didn't go into labor for real until 8 p.m., so I didn't sleep at all that night (and hadn't slept since the previous night). Haley was born at 5:04 a.m., and then I was just too amped up to sleep and barely slept that night either. I definitely learned to nap when she napped during the day and eventually got caught up enough that I don't have to nap most days. I definitely go to bed earlier than I used to, though!

    Have you tried nursing lying down? If you do that, then you can at least be resting even if you're not sleeping.

    As hard as it is, make sure you get some rest. A well-rested mommy is better able to keep up with her LOs!
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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    Yep after a month the tired feeling really hit me. I just came to terms and accepted that I would be tired until my LO started sleeping more.

    I tried to sleep during the day, but found it was the only time I could go online and visit these forums...it kept me sane I would ask my sister to pick up for me when I couldn't stand the mess and it helped to clear my head.

    After about 2 months when my LO was better about napping, I would try to close my eyes even if I couldn't go to sleep and if I wanted to pick up I would set the timer on my oven and give myself 15 minutes to focus on 1 room. It helped.

    Like everyone says around here, your lo will only be small for short time in comparison to the rest of their lives. So although you might feel like crap right now, the time will pass. Hang in there
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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    boo hoo
    nice, sensitive replies.
    i must guard against pp depression which could be triggered by fatigue. i'll go to bed early tonight and rest tomorrow during the day. HOLD THE CALLS!
    i'll be home alone tomorrow and that will be nice.

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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    Hope you are feeling a little better. I am right there with you, exclusively breastfeeding for 4 weeks, and tired... I put a daily nap on my to do list and started making sure I take it without fail, probably could even push it to two naps, kind of hard with 10 year old and kids running in and out, but important. I'm wondering when they will start sleeping a little longer than 3 hour night stretches. I try to keep them awake longer during the day, and they do have some longer stretches.

    If it feels better, there are lots of us out here feeling the same way! I heard some moms pump so that dh can feed babies during one nighttime feeding. Mine haven't had a bottle yet, I just focused on getting bf up and running. A month is a great success! You will make it through this, I saw a guy on tv with a shirt that said "sleep deprived", may need to get one!

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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    One thing that helped me to nap during the day was to just hold DS during at least one of his naps. There's nothing that puts me to sleep any faster than holding a baby right after nursing.

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    Default Re: Fatigue setting in?!?

    tHANK YOU everyone
    i must try to stop and rest. will do so now
    its difficult to ignore her during the nights. because i'm home and DH works, I worry about him getting up since he has work in the mornings
    but i will make an effort.

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